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Welcome to Nova Scotia’s Lost Shores. Sit back and enjoy the pictures. We also invite you to savour the 85 km loop as a daytrip destination by automobile, bicycle or motorcycle. Our low traffic oceanfront roads offer you a delightful taste of the rugged untamed beauty of our hidden paradise.

1. Villages

Enjoy the timeless character of 20 historical fishing villages. Through good times and bad, these hardy communities define the Nova Scotian spirit of looking out for each other.

2. Lighthouses

Once essential navigation aids, Lost Shores is home to some beautiful classic lighthouses. Queensport is said to be Canada’s 2nd most photographed lighthouse.

3. Churches

Once the center of each village, our classic white churches bring a timeless elegance to each neighborhood.

4. Fishing Heritage

Since long before Christopher Columbus, European fishermen have harvested cod and halibut from our rich North Atlantic fishing grounds. Today, lobster and crab dominate the industry. The local wharf remains the meeting place in each village.

5. Dawn & Dusk

Yes, our sunrises and sunsets are breathtaking. Nuf said.

6. Go Play Outside!

The natural advantage. With lots of room to play, outdoor activities dominate our lifestyle.

7. Hidden Gems

Mother nature offers some of her best artwork along the various rivers, shorelines and islands.

8. Feathered Friends

On glassy mornings, birds are often the only noise you will hear. A rich diet of seafood keeps them coming back for more.

Take the tour.

Lost Shores Map